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dear Listener

Our beloved country is in a war of political ideologies. If we lose this war, the result will be the termination of the greatest democratic experiment known to the human race. Few of us realize we are in this battle and the few of us who are enlightened do not believe the potential terrible outcome.

As American Citizens, it is our responsibility to protect our birth rite and perpetuate the legacy of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for future generations. Becoming aware and sharing ideas is the first step towards making a difference. You can start today by sharing this website and blog with others, listening and calling in to the live weekly broadcast and facilitating discussions through the forum, blog and social media.

As a lawyer, an active community member and a family man I am busy just like you. Join our community on facebook today and together we can assemble the pieces of time we have to steer this country back on track.

Very truly yours,

Roger Madon

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